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Welcome to The Swamp Honorary Invitational Tournament (The S.H.I.T.) fantasy golf league hosted by Pro Tour Fantasy Golf For 2020! Chris Foss will be taking over the commissioner duties with help from John Rawding.

You can sign-up using this link

The season starts on JANUARY 9TH with the Sony Open and will conclude with the BMW Championship. This is a One and Done format again.

Please pick one golfer per tournament and you cannot pick that golfer again the rest of the year. You earn the winnings that said golfer wins for each respective tournament.

Please make sure to pick your alternate golfers as players that get WDs and some players that get DQed will be automatically swapped out.

These cumulative earnings determine the standings. However many positions we pay at the end of the season will be determined by how many members we get to join the league. The more the merrier so please spread the word!

We will also be paying out some additional prizes besides just the end of season winner(s). Below are the additional prizes that will be paid out:

  1. Segment Winners - We will have 4 "Segments" during the season, and the member who earns the most winnings during each respective segment will win the prize pool for that respective segment. This will keep league members interested and competing if they are not in the running for the overall league championship. The Segment Prize Pool will be determined once the number of paying members is known.
  2. Skins Challenge - Will be paid out at the end of the year as well. You can earn a "Skin" by being the solo highest monetary winner each week. If someone ties you with their monetary winnings for that tournament, then that week is "cut", and no skin will be awarded. If only 7 "Skins" are earned at the end of the year, then we'll divide the "Skins Pool" up by 7, and payout respective winners.
  3. Majors Only - We will also keep track of standings for all 4 Majors combined. The cumulative winner who earns the most combined earnings over the course of the 4 Majors will win the "Majors Prize Pool".
  4. Most Weeks In the Money - We will payout the league member who finishes with the most weeks where their selected golfer finishes in the money. They do not have to be consecutive weeks in the money. Prize pool will be determined once paid league members are known.
  5. No Winning Golfer Picked - Standings based on the highest earnings for a league member who does not pick a tournament winner throughout the season.

This will become an annual tradition and we'd like to get as many people entered as possible!. Entry cost and payment instructions can be found below.

The line is the line this year. If you miss entering in a player then you miss that week but that means you saved a player on a positive note! Set phone, google and email reminders if needed. There are also reminder settings here as well.

Let's have some fun, thank you and good luck!


JohnRawding@gmail.com 603.438.5056 (text only please)
League Commissioners: Christopher Foss & William John Rawding